Burdiss acquires 2 new black & white digital printers

Posted on Mar 15, 2017 | by LetterShop | Burdiss Services

BLS has acquired 2 new Canon black and white digital presses, to add to our digital press lineup. The two printers, a Canon Varioprint 140 and Canon Varioprint 135, add a great deal of additional capacity and features to our robust digital imaging capabilities.

The printers are both capable of printing on paper as large as 12.6” x 19.2” at up to 300GSM. They are also able to print at resolutions up to 1200 x 1200 dpi, providing a very high quality image quality for text and graphics alike. Utilizing true digital printing with DirectPress Technology, the printers are capable of producing Offset-like image quality.

The printers are capable of printing 140 and 135 images per minute, respectively. DirectPress and the printers Monocomponent toner also means almost total elimination of image quality degradation. The printers both also offer impressive front-to-back registration using intelligent, sensor-controlled system to insure registration is consistent with every print.
Both printers boast an impressive amount of additional features like the ability to staple up to 100 sheets of 20 lb paper. They also both have document inserters installed enabling the insertion of full-color covers, and individual sheets. The 135 also has a 1-knife booklet maker installed as well, allowing for finished, face-trimmed booklets, straight off of the printer.

Used in conjunction with current equipment, these two additional printers will allow us to print over 180,000 8.5”x11” sheets in a single 8 hour shift, significantly improving our capacity.

For more information about our digital printing capabilities, please e-mail us at sales@burdiss.com or contact us by phone at (913) 492-0545.

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