Burdiss expands color variable capabilities

Posted on Mar 20, 2017 | by LetterShop | Burdiss Services

In another round of expansion at Burdiss Lettershop (BLS), we have acquired two new Canon digital color presses. The first is the Canon C8000. The C8000 produces remarkable color output at up to 2400 dpi, utilizing several color technologies including CV toner, Multi-D.A.T. automatic color correction, and Post fusing calibration with in-line spectrophotometer along with Gloss Optimization to help match the gloss levels of the paper.

It is capable of printing up to a 13” x 19.2” sheet with thickness up to 350gsm (~130 lb cover). On thicker stock the printer is still capable of operating at full speed, 80 sheets per minute, utilizing a dual fuser system. Tight front to back registration is achieved with active registration technology and digital compensation, ensuring both sides of duplex jobs properly align front to back.

The C8000 is also equipped with an optional booklet maker with 3-side trim. This allows production of full-color variable booklets, with bleeds on all sides, right off the printer with no additional finishing work required.

To insure extremely high color quality, the C8000 uses a Fiery Server with Fiery Color Profiler Suite. This not only helps insure consistent, accurate color on a single printer, but insures matching color across all of Burdiss’ color printers.
The second addition to the BLS color printing lineup is the C850 from Canon. Much like the C8000, image quality and color accuracy are achieved through utilization of very high-tech quality assurance methods. On lighter stock, the C850 is able to achieve print speeds of up to 85 pages per minute.

The C850 has the ability to print on stock up to 300 gsm. In addition it adds the ability for BLS to print on stocks as large as 13” x 30”, allowing for the creation of large cut-sheet variable color documents. In addition to oversized sheets, the C850 is able to print full-color variable envelopes, with sizes such as #10, monarch 6” x 9”, 9” x 12”, and even 10” x 13”.

To learn more about our new color printers and see sample prints, contact BLS today via e-mail at sales@burdiss.com or by phone at (913) 492-0545.

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