Revised USPS Indicia Ruls

Posted on Aug 10, 2018 | by LetterShop | News

Beginning last year, the United States Postal Service began re-branding Standard mail as Marketing Mail. While the re-branding will not have any effect on the mail itself, it will impact organizations who are printing postage markings, commonly known as Postal Indicia, on their mail pieces.

Beginning in March 2018, customers could start using alternate text on their Postal Indicia’s, replacing Standard or STD with Marketing, MRKT or MKT. Effective January 2019, this text will be required and the words Standard and STD will not be valid. Although this seems like a small change, it can potentially have big impacts on organizations that have preprinted envelope inventory that will not be used up prior to the January 2019 mandatory implementation date.

Sample BLS indicia’s in this post show new wording that will be required next year.

Full Indicia with Permit NumberFull Corporate Indicia Abbreviated Indicia with Permit Number Abbreviated Corporate Indicia