USPS QR Code in Full Swing

Posted on Jul 25, 2011 | by LetterShop | Burdiss Services News Our Blog

The Post Office’s initiative to bring discounts to customers who print the QR bar code on their mail pieces is in full swing. Announced in June, and running from July 1st to August 31st, the 3% discount is bringing to light what many business owners have known for some time, integrating your direct mail and web marketing efforts has a positive effect on your bottom line.

The QR Barcode, also known as mobile bar code, allows individuals with smart phones to scan the bar code and then immediately be redirected to a web site, or have their phone automatically dial the number encoded in the bar code.

By using the unmatched targeting abilities of direct mail, a company can pick and choose who receives their mail piece based upon an almost unlimited criteria like geography, age, income and home value, with data accuracy that surpasses what is generally available to e-mail marketers. By then incorporating the QR barcode on their mail piece to drive traffic to their web site, business owners gain the ability to leverage increased target marketing while also taking advantage of the increased detail their website can provide.

The possibilities for integrating this technology are endless. Restaurants could conduct targeted mailings to everyone within a few miles of their business and use a QR code that redirects them to a full online menu or even an online ordering system. Automobile service centers could use a mail piece to target drivers of a certain make and model of automobile, and print a QR code that directs the customer to a web-site to schedule an appointment.

You can also print different QR code for every recipient. A travel agency could print a QR code for individuals with children that directed them to a site about Disney travel packages, while upper income empty nesters might be directed to the Safari adventure package. You could even direct a customer to a PURL web site to provide an even greater level of personalization.

This new promotion should help showcase the incredible possibilities of integrating direct mail and internet marketing, and the increased ROI that doing so can generate.

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